Hello, My understanding that PCoIP protocol can dynamically adjust frame rate and encoding depending on quality of connection. What does happen with this adjusting algorithm if multiple (around 10) concurrent PCoIP sessions are forwarded over IPsec VPN tunnel?

AskF5 | Manual Chapter: VMware Horizon View Requirements Ensure that PCoIP Secure Gateway is disabled on the VMware Horizon View server. Secure Tunnel enabled To be able to use USB redirection or client drive redirection with a remote desktop, ensure that Secure Tunnel is enabled on the VMware Horizon View server. Data Object - ConnectionServerGeneralData Setting this to false enables a secure tunnel on this Connection Server instance and its paired security servers. If this is set to false, View Clients connect to desktops through the secure tunnel, which carries RDP and other data over HTTPS. PCoIP and HTML Access connections use separate secure gateways. bypassPCoIPGateway: xsd:boolean F5 Friday: The Dynamic VDI Security Game DevCentral SSL VPN solutions can be leveraged and tunnel PCoIP in SSL, but there’s a significant degradation of performance associated with that decision that will negatively impact the user experience. So the challenge is: enable secure remote access to virtual desktops within the corporate data center without negatively impacting performance or

You specify this IP address in the PCoIP external URL. A third URL allows users to make secure connections through the Blast Secure Gateway. The secure tunnel external URL, PCoIP external URL, and Blast external URL must be the addresses that client systems use to reach this host.

Using The PCoIP Secure Gateway to extend PCoIP Connections Mar 29, 2011 VMware Horizon View Deployment | Barracuda Campus

Mar 29, 2011

May 22, 2019 · The Unified Access Gateway runs the following gateway services: the Blast Secure Gateway, the PCoIP Secure Gateway, and the HTTPS Secure Tunnel. Ensure that these gateway services are not also enabled on the Connection Server because this would cause a double-hop attempt of the protocol traffic, which is not supported and will result in failed Oct 07, 2008 · I would check the PCOIP gateway that pac1085 mentioned. Also, does it have a certificate? View Configuration > Servers > Security Servers > select your server, set the secure tunnel, and secure gateway to the hostname you're connecting to. ( If greyed out, check the same settings on the connection server it's paired with.