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Although in many ways very different, both VPN and the Tor anonymity network use encrypted proxy connections in order to hide users’ identities they can be used together. Using a VPN and Tor can together provides an extra layer of security and to mitigate some drawbacks of … Enter - AirVPN Read our FAQ about Remote Port Forwarding and Dynamic DNS. Do not hesitate to ask for support if you need any kind of help, for example about configuring devices. Tor - Anonymous VPN, Proxy & Email Services | 7 Day Free Trial

AirVPN, on the other hand, is a popular and competitive provider with decent security infrastructure. ExpressVPN boasts a rare split-tunnelling feature and 2,000+ servers in 94 countries, while AirVPN competes with port forwarding and 223 servers in 20+ countries.

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AirVPN - The air to breathe the real Internet - AirVPN OpenVPN is the most reliable and secure solution for encrypted tunnels, offering a higher than military degree of security. Forget PPTP or other unsecure protocols. We offer OpenVPN on ports 80 TCP / UDP, 443 TCP / UDP and 53 TCP / UDP. Additionally, every Air server supports directly OpenVPN over SSH, OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over Tor. Using AirVPN with Tor - General & Suggestions - AirVPN